Kettle arrived !

The rebuilding of the Polywarmtone production machine (Kettle) into a small transportable unit is finished and the machine has been relocated to our facilities in Bad Saarow.

We are preparing the environment now (closing the holes in the walls through which the machine was pushed) and then the hungarian engineers will come to rewire her and hook her up to the PC which controls the entire precipitation process.

Everything is 100% original. We just cleaned things, replaced worn out parts with original equipment and remounted it all in a 4 times smaller steel frame.
Ofcourse we preserved the original silver nitrate stains on the plastic covers (see picture) never know if they had a function ;-)

The last picture shows the original hungarian control stand panel (without interface and computer) equipped with the original polywarmton-control-stand-lamp.
Well, originality comes first so if our electrician allows us to switch her on we´ll use her again ;-)