Kettle rebuilt

The Polywarmtone kettle has been taken from the Forte factory in September and stored in a mechanical workshop.
In the meantime the pumps and tubes were replaced and the whole machine was refurbished and assembled onto a new much smaller steel frame. It can no be transported inside a 40“ see container.
When I say kettle it is actually an abreviation. The machine consists of 5 kettles which are conected to each other, one emulsion flow-circle, a waterbath heating unit, an electrical cabinett and a PC control stand. This was originally about 15x15x8 Meters. We managed to shrink it to about 2x5x2 Meters.
A test run with water was undertaken and all parameters work within limits.
We plan to moove the machine to Bad Saarow in March.

In the meantime preregistrations are coming in on a steady basis.

We have now over 1000 pre- registered polywarmtone fans in our database.

Things look good.