First Polywarmtone emulsion finished (hard grade)

Our emulsion research is now complete and all components are working.

This week we finished a first Polywarmtone single emulsion which means it has been:

Precipitated, finished and sensitized.

We are talking about the hard grade (more difficult to make than the soft grade).
Below you can see an exposed and developed sample coating next to an original Polywarmtone exposure. Both were exposed and developed identically.

The higher blackening of the original is partially due to reflexion from the base as our samples are coated on film (we never got the sample coater to work well with paper base and decided to keep coating on film base for now).

What is not comparable abut these two samples is the coating. We cannot say if our sample coatings have the same thickness of coating than the original.

So which information can we derive from this test?

We can say that:

1) We made an emulsion acording to the Polywarmtone recipe which is working as a photographic paper under real conditions below the enlarger and is sensitive to light filtered acording to standard multgrade-filtraton
2) We achieved a very comparable gradation
3) We are almost on the spot with speed (always THE criteria)
4) We can get the emulsion to produce multicontras (cannot be derived from the samples shown below but from the others laying around here)
5) Last but not least we have a nice warm tone

The warmtone-effect is actually higher now than with the original Forte paper.
We expect it to level in while research goes on.

Or shall we keep it......?